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Safety mats and safety steps

Tactile surface sensors provide optimal area protection. 

The purpose of surface sensors is to protect people from dangerously moving units in automatic manufacturing processes. They detect people and objects in the corresponding areas of movement. When somebody steps onto a pressure-sensitive mat, the machine or plant slows down or switches off into a safe state.

Our surface sensors are available in various heights and with different material properties such as non-slip quality or resistance to various chemicals. In our "SM" customised programme, we offer you safety mats in any surface shape to match your requirements.

  1. SM safety mats

  2. SM8 safety mats

  3. SM11 safety mats

  4. TS safety steps

משטחי דריכה למפעלים
משטח בטיחות אלקטרוני
משטחי דריכה למפעלים
משטחי דריכה למכונות
משטחי בטיחות למכונות
משטחי בטיחות למפעלי ייצור
משטח דריכה בטיחותי
בטיחות בעבודה
מעצורי דריכה אלקטרוניים

- בוכנות חשמליות - אקטואטורים לינאריים - בוכנות הנעה צידית - בוכנה טלסקופית - פסי בטיחות



Public transport


Medical technology



Machines, transfer roads, robotics, automatic vehicle doors in buses and trains


  • Resistant to chemicals

  • Complies with ISO 13849-1

  • Complies with ISO 13856-1


  • Solutions that provide safety in floor area danger zones

  • These products are designed for high mechanical loads and millions of activations.

  • Our standard program comprises safety mats which can be tailored to the shape of your surface area as required.


  • Installation instruction Safety mats 11 mm overall height (743.23 KB)


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