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Miniature safety edge
and anti-pinch sensors

We specially developed our miniature safety edges (EKS) for applications where short response times are required and only low installation heights are possible.

A classic example is their use as anti-pinch sensors on shearing and pinching edges of automatic vehicle doors and windows. However, our miniature safety edges are also ideal as anti-pinch sensors in machine construction, on electrically adjustable furniture, and on modern medical devices.

The miniature safety edges easily fit to various bending radii and angles. You can cut your anti-pinch sensor to size yourself for use in interiors.


  • Minimal installation height

  • Robust and durable

  • Insensitive to temperature

  • Optionally available in DIY version


Electric sliding doors, tailgates and windows


  • Short response times

  • Adjustable to bend radii and angles

  • Wide range of profile geometries

  • Rail FR / road FR partly compatible

  • Top quality standards

  • Full-service customer support: we provide in-house new development, prototype construction and testing and supply ready-for-production solutions

  • Also available in DIY versions for EKS 011, EKS 14 and EKS 052 

  • Insensitive to temperature (working temperature -40 °C to + 85 °C)

  • Accreditation: ISO/TS 16949 and ISO/TS 14001

  • High level of innovation through in-house engineering

  • Specialised in custom solutions: large range of profile geometries

  • Worldwide sales

  • State-of-the-art assembly and production plants

  • Years of expertise from the automotive industry

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- בוכנות חשמליות - אקטואטורים לינאריים - בוכנות הנעה צידית - בוכנה טלסקופית - פסי בטיחות

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